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xovers20in20's Journal

Crossover 20 Icons in 20 Days
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xovers20in20 is inspired by celeb20in20. Unlike the original community, the only subject allowed here is CROSSOVERS... which means each and every icon must be a crossover of two different fandom. (BtVS/Angel counts as one fandom).
Staff: flareonfury rjchasez revivingophelia sarah_jones


* You can whatever kind of crossover you want.
* Only crossovers are allowed, no single characters in an icon unless its Photoshopped to look like the character is from a different fandom.
* You can only sign up with one claim per round.
* You can't have the same claim two rounds in a row, however you can have it for the 3rd.
* All icons must be new and specifically made for that particular round.
* Icons however can be posted before voting goes up. [Once you've signed up to enter the challenge you will be given moderated posting access.]
* You must post AT LEAST 3 teasers/examples of your claim here when you post it.
* During the round (which includes voting), ALL ICONS MUST BE PUBLIC.
* Must be LJ-standard format (under 40kb, 100x100px,.png/.gif/.jpg format).
* All icons CAN NOT be animated.
* Icons can be Rated PG-13, but nothing higher than that.
* This goes without saying, but for any idiots out there - NO STEALING OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK!!!!! You will be banned.


* There will be 10 themes, 5 set category, and 5 artist choice.
* Since this is a new community, it depends on the amount of people signed up/actually posted for the number of places you can win an award, however you there will always be a mod(s)'s choice(s) and at least First, Second, and Third Place.
* All voting will be in separate posts.
* As of Round 9, you may vote for yourself, but PLEASE only do it if you REALLY don't like any of the other entries.
* You may grab people's attention to get them to vote for each round. BUT PLEASE DO NOT BEG THEM TO VOTE FOR YOU. They will vote for you if you deserve it.
* As of Round 9 (due to the last few polls), I will only take votes that are from LJ USERS. If somehow you're on another site and are able to vote in the polls - I WILL NOT COUNT IT.
* As of Round 9, you can vote for how many sections you want, I seriously can't bother to care anymore since EVERY round there are people who miss parts of the polls.


Please comment here if you're interested in being affiliates.
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