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03 April 2010 @ 01:46 am
Past Prompts  
(feel free to ignore this)

Below is a list of the used prompts in each round. This is so I try and not reuse these.

10 themes:
  1. shy, smile, magic, lol, blood, small, black&white, apology, meal, dance
  2. blue, too close, blind, splash, cracked, rainbow, sky, negative space, hazard, lyric
  3. star, sun, moon, red, lightning, silhouette, sweet, family, pink, baby
  4. green, center crop, group, amused, promo, panic, large text, drink, sunglasses, book
  5. 3 characters, 4 squares, action, otp, enemies, friends, fight, border, yellow, grass,
  6. orange, kiss, tears, mixed quote, hope, flower, alphabet, empty, wet
  7. fire, white, hero, alien, back, gun, texture by scoobyatemysnax, sleep, tiny text, phone,
  8. Black&White+1Color, blood, dance, death, divided, emotion, full body, motion, profile, zombie
  9. devious, purple, mirror, no text, negative space, school, shades, small, texture by originalvbunny, vintage

5 Category:

  1. Winter (anything that represents the Winter season - snow, Christmas, Hanukah, etc)
  2. Diff. Cropping
  3. Love (love songs, hearts, "happy v-day" icons, kiss, cuddles, etc)
  4. Phone
  5. Texture
  6. Beach
  7. Circle
  8. Sky
  9. Emotions